About Company

Digi Hind – A name stands for “Digital Hindustan”. Yes, As our name says, our primary aim is to set up automation, to set digital marketing campaigns for our brothers, youth of India and to make them familiar with all sorts of digital activities.

Doesn’t matter if it’s about using a phone or running an ad on FaceBook, Instagram – We want our youth to be familiar with all these things and move ahead with their job profiles, business or freelancing opportunities.

Not only this, we @DigiHind understand the concerns of our clients and accordingly, offers them service with refund guarantee* and 100% satisfaction. 

Our services are not limited to Digital marketing services or coaching but it’s way more than that. We work on business principles such as SWOT analysis, Power of Free, 80-20 Principles, what could be the lead magnet of your business and then based on these analysis, we increase the efficiency of other’s business.

Moreover, Digi Hind is a Parent company of “GD The Rankers” offering all types of digital marketing services with 100% customer satisfaction. 

Now, let’s talk about the Digi Hind team:

Our Team

Govind Dhiman

Founder & CEO

Vivek Attri

Vivek Attri

General Manager